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The word “slate” evokes images of blackboards, signs slate old, caves tourist-friendly slate and slate gifts. Few people think of the sustainability and efficiency of the slate as a roofing material. Slate roofing is really a good choice. For more information about slate roofing, you can visit

Here is a look at why it makes a great choice of coverage.

Classic Beauty

Slate shingles were used on rooftops in Europe for hundreds of years. They offer a classic look with modern imitations simply cannot match. Roofing slates are available in a wide range of natural colors, classic black, gray and greenish-brown, and even purple tones. Over time, slates times, picking up its unique characteristics. Roof coatings machine-made tend to look the same until they wear out and should be discarded.


If a slate roof is made using a traditional fastening hook or nail, it will last much longer than any other type of roof. Slate tiles can stay 80 of waterproofed 100 years with minimal maintenance. Even when it reached a ceiling that age rarely needs to be replaced completely.


In addition to the long term, the slate also survives the weather and other harmful conditions without too many problems. This material is extremely resistant to water, absorbing only about 0.4 percent. This means it will not crack or break time for the freezing of how ceramic tiles sometimes.


Since the slate is made from natural stone, it is completely fire resistant, unlike asphalt and plastic-based roofing materials. This substance also acts as a good electrical insulator, which was why it was used in early electric motors. This material is very strong and stable, which reduces the risk of damage to the house of hail, fallen electrical son, rain, snow, and other potentially damaging factors.

Why Slate Is Best For Roofs
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