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Hiking, shopping, islands, cafes, bars, beautiful beaches are some of the best things one can experience in Sri Lanka. Moreover, one should never forget that Sri Lanka is also home to some of the most endangered and thrilling species of elephants. You are bound to have a great time in Sri Lanka by visiting these places to witness elephants.

  1. Wilpattu National Park – The Wilpattu National Park is situated on the north side of Colombo. This park is known to be the heavily protected and is also considered to be the oldest park. Not many tourists and locals come to this park however, one should. This park is home to not only elephants but also leopards and sloth bear, all thanks to huge-area for them to roam freely.
  2. Udawalawe National Park –The Udawalawe National Park offers one of the best wildlife safari experience to witness elephants. This park comprises of massive number of elephants where some move from one place to another while others have a great time bathing.
  3. YalaNational Park –After Udawalawe National Park, the Yala National Park is the second most popular park to witness elephants. You can reach this park in just a few hours from the Udawalawe National park located on the south side of Sri Lanka. Elephants come out to have a great time with one another and you will also get to see a few leopards if you are lucky.

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Top Places to Witness Elephants in Sri Lanka