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A logical cloud server is developed, hosted and delivered through cloud computing platform. They are accessed remotely from cloud service providers and has the same features of a normal server. It is also called a virtual private server or virtual server. You can get more information about cloud server from

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There can be a major security threat to the cloud server. Since, large companies dealing with large data, they may face some major challenges.

In order to secure your data in the cloud server, let us discuss some tips for the hosting server security.

1) Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is to have an additional layer of security. To secure access to cloud services and data, two-factor authentication should be in place. two-factor authentication allows a piece of information known to the user along with the username and password. This will make it difficult for attackers to gain access and retrieve data.

2) A strong password

Setting up a complex password is a must. It is better to set the minimum number of characters for a password to be eight. the password can be a mixture of characters, numbers and special characters. It must be replaced periodically and are not repeated.

3) Encryption

Data stored in the cloud can be encrypted using two ways. Service providers can propose encryption for your data. Here, the data will be encrypted by the cloud service provider and stored in the cloud. Encrypting and decrypting data may see an increase in the amount of time to transfer data.

Data can also be encrypted locally before being transferred to the cloud. This is done when the business data has a very high level of privacy.

Tips for Server Hosting Security