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The data collection is a process of collecting useful intelligence to make decisions such as product pricing. Currently, huge and updated information available online encourages more and more people to collect data from the Internet.

You may make use of web scraping tools like Heliumscraper to collect this extensive knowledge from online sources. Before performing data mining/collection, you still need to be well prepared.

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Why do you want to collect intelligence or what are your goals?

What would you do with it after the gathering of intelligence? Make your project description can help the data mining team has a better understanding of your destination. Taking the example, the goal could I want to gather enough intelligence to determine a competitive price for my product.

What kind of information you need to collect to support your final analysis/decision?

Like, if you want to collect the price of similar products, product specifications needed to collect for comparison with each. External factors such as coupons, gift or taxes also need to be considered for accuracy.


General search using keywords from a particular source or the database depends on the nature of the project. Information from e-commerce site will be a great way to raise prices and product specifications.


Always remember your goal of collecting data to improve the collection process. Methodologies and processes need to be established to ensure the data is accurate and reliable. Decision making incorrect data will lead to serious problems.

Things You Need To Do Before Online Data Collection