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America is in the midst of a severe opioid crisis, which did not escape even the children. There have been instances in the past where the negligence of adults have resulted in the deaths of children.

Although methadone is mainly used as a painkiller and to facilitate recovery from heroin and opioid abuse, often gets misused. Some preliminary figures overdose deaths involving methadone remained consistent in recent years. over the past couple of years opioid dependent infants and children are also found in very high ratio.

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Methadone use and abuse

Such as heroin, methadone also a full opioid agonist. For people who are prescribed drugs to combat pain, the risk of addiction unfortunately quite high. In an effort to get help quickly, they ended up taking more than the prescribed dosage.

Even when the pain subsides and they no longer need the same dose of the drug, some patients continue to use it for the desired effect. Unfortunately, go methadone is not easy. Due to hard drugs, stop methadone withdrawal is accompanied by severe pain.

The body becomes tough and do not know how to function normally in the absence of methadone. That is why it is recommended to facilitate the withdrawal process strictly in a clinical setting under the guidance of experts.

Methadone withdrawal symptoms similar to heroin withdrawal, such as chills, sweating, fever, diarrhea, cravings, insomnia, hallucinations, depression, muscle and body aches, and paranoia. If the user has simultaneous addiction to another substance, the entire process can be more intense and of longer duration.

The Dangers Of Methadone Abuse
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