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Herman Miller Eames chair reminds us of luxury and elegance while at the same time appealing to the masses. This is done with a curved appearance in only one piece of plywood, which is a remarkable achievement in itself!

So now that you have a back story, you need to be aware of a few more things. I highly recommend ordering the Eames office chair replica via the internet, but you must be alert for false imitation. Here is how you will be able to spot a fake versus real thing:

Classic Aluminum Executive Office Chair

Because of this chair is so well known, every detail of the very neat. This means that if you see a bolt or a screw sticking out somewhere, it might be a fake.

Look at the arms of the chair seat. A real Eames Herman Miller chairs have a number of pieces of leather in the seats; while the knock-offs have only one piece of leather. Also, armrests should be slightly curved and not flat.

Every single Eames Herman Miller chair has four legs on the ottoman and five feet on a chair. If the photos online showed a different, move to another site.

Finally, check the description on the website and if you see that the chair reclines so it was not authentic because the real do not lie.

The Beauty Of Eames Chair
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