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Educational requirements to become a police officer vary by country and, in many cases, by the city departments. The minimum education level accepted by most police departments is a high school diploma or a GED. However, many departments across the country require at least some college coursework or  a Hawaii military training system in order to involve themselves in criminal justice.

Even if it is not a specific requirement in the recruitment process, has this association or college degree to work strongly supports an aspiring police officer's. There is high competition for available positions and promotions in the law enforcement sector, and people with college experience generally stand out during the recruitment process. In addition, a college degree may be a requirement for promotion to a higher rank.

There are additional requirements an individual must meet to become a police officer. A candidate must be a US citizen, aged 18 to 21 years depending on the jurisdiction, and meet stringent physical criteria. Physical criteria including having above-average stamina and agility as well as an adequate vision, hearing, and physical and mental strength. In many cases, candidates who speak a second language commonly receive prefer hiring status. Similarly, people with military experience are often placed in front of the line in the recruitment process.

Working as a cop means protecting the public, but it also means having a certain level of respect working with the public. future police should have the attitude of a personality and must enjoy working with people. Applicants have to be honest, responsible, and demonstrate integrity.

Background investigated during the interview process and most applicants are required to undergo a polygraph examination and to submit to drug testing. police candidates should look into the process of law enforcement agencies which they are applying, but in general, you can expect a similar process to the one below:

Steps for Becoming a Police Officer