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If one is tired with the grind of daily life and the menial labor that he has to perform regularly, a break is much needed for him. What better way to take a breather than to escape into the extravagance of the best wines of Australia and peek into the wildness and diversity of the region.

Relaxing under the brilliant Australian sun and enjoying the excellence of the indigenous wines might prove to be an awesome experience for tourists, travelers and wine aficionados from all over. Culinary delicacies and the wonderful sceneries accentuate the whole experience and make it an indelible one.

Wine tourism in Australia

Swan Valley is one of the most renowned destinations for wine tourism in Australia. The western part of Australia has an abundance of the classiest and the best qualities of vineyards which are famous for producing superfluous variants of wine.

Swan Valley Wine Tours happen on a few select days of the week, whereby the tourists and travelers are taken on a luxury bus and provided the best experience of sampling varieties of wine and relaxing in the countryside. The unforgettable scenery of the valley is an added perk.

The best options for planning your perfect day out in Swan Valley

Top Gun Tours is notable for the amazing experience they bring to their customers. A day full of the spectacular beauty of the succulent vineyards and the lavish fragrance of the choicest grapes, fresh seasonal produce of the local farms like cheese, olives, nuts etc. and the delicious two-course meals at the Mandoon estate is the special offering of Top Gun Tours. The specially curated tour consists of visits to the heritage wineries like Sandalford, Swanbrook, Olive Farms, Sittella, Mandoon, and Whistler's Chocolate Wineries.

Immerse your senses in the excessively plush wines and indulge your taste buds in the delectable haute couture of western Australia by taking a day off and planning your getaway in Swan Valley.

Plan your perfect getaway amidst the lavishness of premium wines