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Many studies have shown that talc is associated with ovarian cancer, which many women suffer this annually. The link between ovarian cancer and the powder was first discovered in the early 1970s.

Various studies and tests show that the powder particles enter through the genital area, moving to the uterus and cervix, and continue to migrate through the fallopian tubes until they reach the ovary. You can also hop over to to know more about the link between ovarian cancer and talcum powder.

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After conducting detailed research, researchers found talc particles in ovarian tissue in several women. Since then, additional studies have been conducted and many suggested a significant increase in the risk for ovarian cancer incidence among talc powder users.

However, Johnson & Johnson, along with many other companies, continue to deny the evidence and research that links cancer to the use of talcum powder.

Cancer-Causing Agent Found In Talcum Powder

Powder mainly made using oxygen, silicon, and magnesium. When combined, these substances are ground into a powder and are often used to absorb moisture and reduce the number of uncomfortable friction.

Consequently, many people use such products to stop rashes and to keep certain areas of the body dry. Whereas these products can be useful for such reasons, this product can be very dangerous and, in the worst cases, fatal if the product is used near the genitals.

Studies have shown that malicious agents can be trapped in the ovaries, causing serious inflammation, which can contribute to the growth of ovarian cancer cells.

Ovarian Cancer Cases Linked To The Use Of Talcum Powder