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A true tea lover knows that the real health benefits of this drink are not only determined by its type and flavor. Research has extensively shown that the type of leaves used and the actual manufacturing process can also increase the advantages of drinking tea. Loose tea, for instance, is produced from only the highest quality leaves and offers a better body and flavor and a higher level of healthy antioxidants than a tea bag. But the best way to optimize your tea drinking experience and make sure you receive all the benefits without exposing yourself to harmful substances is to make organic loose tea your beverage of choice. You can buy organic tea by visiting (which is called th bio en visitant in the French Language).

Despite global production figures of 3.5 million kg in 2003 and a predicted annual growth ratio of 10%, organic loose tea is only still a small player in the tea market and organic tea farms around the world are few and far between. Plantations can mainly be found in India, Malaysia, China, Nepal and other countries of the Far East. Buying one of these organic teas will give you the assurance that the local farmworkers on the plantation have not been exploited and that a sustainable method of farming will be used that protects the land from future deforestation. This is mainly done by avoiding the use of dangerous synthetic chemicals and by replacing them with methods like composting, crop rotation and inter-planting in order to maintain the fertility and richness of the soil.

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Organic loose tea also offers a wide range of benefits for the consumer. Because the farming methods used on organic plantations steer clear of pesticides and other harmful chemicals, the end product is guaranteed all-natural and does not contain any potentially toxic elements. During the production process, too, no harmful additives are used, so a cup brewed with organic loose tea is not only healthier but has also been shown to have a better taste than ordinary tea.

Thanks to its high levels of antioxidants, loose tea that has been grown and manufactured organically provide more and better health benefits than non-organic loose tea or tea bags. It is beneficial for the prevention of certain types of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks, and strokes. If you choose an alternative to the traditional black tea, such as green tea, white tea or rooibos, you can benefit from a reduced amount of caffeine and improve the health of your organs, arteries, and skin.

Organic Tea – A Healthy Alternative
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