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Mission Statement

Volunteer Latin America’s mission is to help protect Latin America’s flora and fauna, its biodiversity, and to offer the most cost-effective way to become an environmental or humanitarian volunteer in Central or South America

Our Objectives

To endorse and advance the conservation of wild habitats and their flora and fauna

To provide prospective volunteers with affordable and rewarding volunteer work opportunities.

To provide a diverse and regularly updated range of environmental and humanitarian projects

To increase the number of people who can afford to become international volunteers

To promote locally run organizations and grassroots projects

To encourage people to consider a career in conservation, or at a minimum, take a keen interest in environmental issues

To encourage people to meet new people, and accumulate life and career-enhancing experiences and skills.

To ensure that volunteering through Volunteer Latin America is a rewarding and productive experience

To ensure that we treat our customers in an honest and cooperative manner

To ensure our ethical policies and concerns for the environment remain an integral part of our organization

Ethical Policy of Volunteer Latin America
We operate according to ethical and sustainable principles and have been screened by the Ethical Junction Network. We are part of a solar-powered network that is working to help fight pollution and preserve our natural resources.

We take the threat of climate change very seriously and in order to compensate for third party CO2 emissions we purchased of a small parcel of tropical forest in Ecuador in 2003 and offset 5 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions in 2007.

Our innovative eco-strategy ensures we remain the greenest voluntary work facilitator in the world.

We run a solar-powered office

We are conscious vegetarians

We use no paper or other office products

We directly offset our own carbon emissions

We use a wind-powered web hosting company

We aim to treat our customers honestly and competently

We use the only bank in the UK which has an ethical policy

We support a large number of Latin American organizations

We use our proceeds to fund our own environmental initiatives

We are carbon balanced to compensate for third party CO2 emissions

We use a laptop that complies with the advanced EPA Energy Star requirements

We use green products whenever possible (i.e. goods that are biodegradable, not tested on animals, or carry the Fair Trademark)