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Messenger Bot will deliver all the new automated messages you provide, when they are scheduled. They will be delivered automatically on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

You can also schedule them for specific days of the week – this is incredibly useful for getting the most out of your marketing. These messages are delivered to your contacts by the actual member of the business team and not a third party.

You have total control over when these messages go out, and you can use the same application to send out group messages with a wide range of recipients. These message groups are able to be set up to send out messages from one to all, or to particular contacts only.

It is possible to offer a membership to some of your social media sites to your contacts for a nominal fee, so that they can be added to the membership list for a fixed period of time. It is useful if you are currently running a subscription to an online news site and want to send out regular newsletters to your contacts.

Messenger Bot allows you to create your own category for subscriptions and allows you to personalise this for each individual user. When a new user subscribes, they are automatically added to your newsletter.

Another feature offered by Messenger Bot is the ability to build customised groups for users to access at any time of the day. This feature is available to you free of charge as part of the Messenger Bot offer.

Facebook Messenger Bot is a messenger application that is available for download and uses an autoresponder to deliver relevant, and highly targeted messages to users. The product is designed to help make your marketing efforts more effective and offers plenty of different features that make it easy to use.

The products have several different ways to suggest subscribers to various newsletters, for example text message, email, Facebook, Twitter and postal. These suggestions are then sent out at the point of a click.

The Messenger Bot also includes an RSS feed service that makes it easy to generate fresh content for your subscribers. These feeds are updated frequently and can be customized according to your own needs.

You can also collect information from the RSS feed on any new changes that your contacts to make. These changes can be sent out at your discretion, on a regular basis or at other times of the day or week.

If you have an existing messaging campaign running, then Messenger Bot is able to make changes to this campaign in order to fit with your preferences. You can provide regular reminders to your contacts about these campaigns and your team will handle the rest.

The cost of Messenger Bot is absolutely free to use, with no monthly fees or sign up charges. The information and support that you receive are friendly and helpful, and the added functionality provided by the application is certainly a welcome addition to any marketing campaign.

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