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India is a paradise for vegetarians and vegans. There are so many healthy options that are full of flavour. However, India is also a great place for meat-eaters. The country is full of meat delicacies which the local public refers to as non-veg food. There are some amazing dishes that you must try on your trip to India to enjoy the true flavour of meat and spices. Here they are:- 

Chicken Tandoori You must have come across this dish in your country, but eating it in India is a completely different experience altogether. The original version in India is lavished in spice and butter. The best versions are available in the Northern part of the country. However, chicken tandoori is a dish loved by the nation and available all over. 

Lamb Curry – Lamb meat, also known as mutton, is one of the most popular types of meat. The lamb curry is a mutton curry dish that is eaten with rice or roti. The mutton pieces are succulent and absorb all the wonderful spices. However, if you are not used to spices, order for a less spicy version, which is just as good. 

Mutton Biryani – This is a rice dish that is quite rich and lavish. Mutton covered in spices with onion tomatoes and herbs mix and cook together to make one of the most loved and delicious meals in the country. Served with a cooling yogurt-based side salad, this is a dish that you cannot afford to miss. 

If you are taking an India tour, you will not miss meat as there are many wonderful ‘non-veg’ dishes for you to try out. 

Meat dishes to try in India