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Instead of chips, you can use jelly candies for penny-ante. Colored jelly candies were great to work with because you can assign values to colors (unlike with matchsticks).

Does your bingo chips few and far between? Jelly candies are great place markers for bingo box, as each number is called out. If you want to know more about jelly lollies uses then you can explore various online sources.

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Everyone will be happy to see the jelly candies as a garnish for a vase. Nest one flower vase inside another one. While the inner vase will hold flowers and water when finished, build a coordinated color pattern between two vases using various colored jelly candies.

Jelly candies as a medium of artistic look. Bright candy has been used to build a serious work of art. Pay attention to your creations reveal before your eyes. A foam core board can be used as a solid foundation that you can glue the jelly candies were asked to produce your artwork.

Most little girls would love to have candy jelly bracelets strung with nylon thread as party favors for their anniversary. Craft shops selling buckles at a very reasonable price.

Well, there they are! It may be silly, but new ways to use jelly candies. This candy can be purchased any time by visiting various candy stores on the internet if you want to utilize them for your purposes.

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