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Today, many of us begin to become more involved in getting physical health. In order to achieve optimal health, it is the balance of a healthy lifestyle that includes diet and exercise. Another trend that is gaining respect in some aspects of health is green tea.

Although the product has been found thousands of years ago as a form of a refreshing drink, it is not fully recognized when it comes to the incredible health benefits. You can buy herbal green tea via

Over the years, many studies have shown significant results prove the health benefits of tea and the ability to stop and prevent many diseases with a mortality rate up.

Over the past few years, consumers of tea increased in a thousand folds. One of these is its antibacterial properties. A study conducted at the University of Alexandria showed an impressive response in stopping the growth of bacteria using green tea.

This study was conducted to prove the efficacy of the antibacterial properties of green tea. Tests were also performed on the subjects of mice infected with a microorganism commonly transmitted. These include E. coli, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and other bacteria are known. Thus, drinking tea brewed in conjunction with antibiotics will greatly enhance the antibacterial properties of products and that the act of killing bacteria.

This study is very reassuring about how the product increases the body's response to pathogens. When under antibiotic therapy, drink several cups of green tea can greatly improve its bacteria-killing effect. Other results of the study showed a great response in stopping the growth of bacteria.

Know About Green Tea and Its Antibacterial Effects