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Geologically, Israel is an extension of the Sinai Desert, create a rough triangle standing on the north side of Beersheba, the Dead Sea, and the southern Judean Hills, and has a peak at the southern end of the kingdom in Eilat.

geographical boundaries of the country are the Mediterranean to the West, the Jordan Valley Rift to the East, and the mountains of Lebanon to the North with Eilat Bay marking the country's southern tip. This is the state of urbanization has a diverse climate and geographical environment. You can get to know more about day trip from Tel Aviv to Petra via an online search. 

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Israel lies in the Middle East, neighboring the Mediterranean Sea, in the middle of the land of Egypt and Lebanon Israel is divided into four major sections: the coastal plain – fertile, moist, and generous habitable – stretches along the Mediterranean Sea; in the highlands as well as in the northern Galilee Hills to the maximum height of the country.

Land of Israel includes the Negev desert in the south; low-lying coastal nature; inner mountains; Jordan Rift Valley.


Israel comes from the varied cultural diversity of the population: Jews from around the world have brought their cultural traditions and sacred with them, creating a fusion of Jewish customs and beliefs.

Israel is the only country in the world where life revolves around or moving around the Hebrew calendar. Work and school holidays are determined by the Jewish holidays, and the official day of rest on Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath. Israeli substantial Arab minority has also left its imprint on Israeli culture in such areas as construction, music, and cuisine.

Information Regarding Israel Geography
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