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While exploring a toddler’s hands, fingers and thumbs will be a natural part of infant growth and development; there are ways to prevent them from ever becoming full-blown thumb suckers.

1) Provide the baby with lots of opportunities to suck:

Babies use sucking as a means of attachment and a way to self-soothe. If an alternative means is not provided, they will find something to suck on – like their own thumb. You can also look for alternatives online to Stop thumb sucking in children.

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2) Interlude

Keep your thumbs busy or occupied child. If you look at the title of your child's hand to his mouth, distract them with something that makes their hands busy.

3) Talk to Your Kids

If your child has reached an age where the thumb sucking can harm their teeth (three years), then he/she is old enough to understand. Placing your child in front of a mirror and explain how they can harm the thumb sucking of teeth, showed pictures of the damage that thumb sucking can cause.

4) Always Be Positive

Do not berate your child to suck her thumb, or resort to calling them babies or other demeaning terms. Encourage your child to use positive reinforcement. Be sure to find opportunities to praise your child, such as when they are dealing with new or stressful situations without sucking their thumbs.

How Can I Prevent My Child From Thumb Sucking?