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A Volunteer Guide provides information on voluntary work that matches the needs or personal interests of the recipient (i.e. a personalized voluntary work information service for international volunteers). The Volunteer Guide provides between 20 – 40 organizations/projects to choose from and all the information prospective volunteers need to get involved. This includes a full project description, the contact details of the host organization, and so on. The Volunteer Guide also contains details of over one hundred language schools to learn Portuguese or Spanish in Latin America (see below).

The Volunteer Guide comes with active (clickable) web addresses, meaning that if you click on any website address, a new web browser will open, saving you the task of manually entering the details.

The majority of projects we include in a Volunteer Guide are managed by local grassroots organizations. We only include projects run by foreign organizations (i.e. based outside Latin America) if we consider them to be either value for money or relevant to a specific request. We also exclude projects where volunteers are expected to pay unreasonable participation fees.

One thing is for sure, the true value of your Volunteer Guide will emerge when you meet other international volunteers on the same project who worked through an expensive gap year or volunteer placement agency. We guarantee that some of these volunteers will be privately thinking “I could have done this myself and saved the placement fee.”

The Volunteer Guide will not only save you huge sums of money but a great deal of time. Why spend hours and hours searching the internet for volunteering opportunities when we already have some of the best organizations/projects on our voluntary work database.

If you would like to apply for a Volunteer Guide please click onĀ order form

If you want to learn Spanish or Portuguese prior to starting a project we can help you find a language school. The Volunteering Guide contains details of over one hundred language schools in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru. Moreover, all the Spanish and Portuguese language schools offer or can arrange voluntary work. This provides you with hundreds of additional volunteering opportunities in Central and South America.

In addition to voluntary work some Spanish and Portuguese language schools allow you to combine classes with outdoor pursuits and interests such as surfing, PADI certification, trekking, kite surfing, paragliding, rock climbing, river rafting, Latin American culture and much more.

Other extra-curricular activities offered by Spanish and Portuguese language schools include cooking classes, dance classes (jazz, merengue, salsa and tango), guitar classes, canopy tours, mountain biking, horseback riding, football matches, skiing, swimming, tennis, volleyball, water skiing; weaving, workshops, yoga, and visits/excursions/expeditions to local places of interest (archaeological sites, indigenous communities, markets, national parks, volcanoes etc).

A large number of Spanish and Portuguese language schools facilitate the transfer of academic credits.