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For companies find the right partner search is the first and probably the most important step in making sure their recruitment strategy paid off. Search companies need to understand the style business philosophy, corporate culture and company management to find not only a qualified candidate right but also the candidate who will 'fit in' the best in the company. If you want to hire the executive search firm for amazing money back guarantee then you are at the right place.

Guide to Choosing and Working with Executive Search Firm

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Choosing the wrong search firm could be disastrous because it can result in delayed or no recruitment or worse recruit 'anti-fit' candidates who can hurt the company.

Some of the steps companies should take before hiring an executive search firm including meet recruiters / s who will work on their project, this will allow the company to judge and also educate recruiters on what they are exactly looking for and what their company is all about.

The second important step is to set mutually acceptable terms of engagement; this will include payment terms, deadlines for completion, the replacement policy, non-disclosure agreements, etc. Its best seek to remove all doubt at this stage so that no complications arise mid-way or at the end of the search.

The three companies should always be in contact with a recruiter during the search, sometimes to guide recruiters in the right direction and sometimes give a lot of feedback required for recruitment efforts.

The company must make the recruiter feel as if he / she is an extension of the company's team of recruitment was one way to make the recruiters involved in the project company and provide his / her one hundred percent.

Guide to Choosing and Working with Executive Search Firm

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