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Circuit training is a term often mentioned in the gym or on the TV for weight-loss programs. However, few people understand the point of a circuit workout. So what is circuit training? And does it work?

Circuit training combines simple resistance training with an intense cardio workout to increase weight loss, muscle building and improving aerobic fitness. You can also look for fitness training programs in Albuquerque.

Circuit training involves a series of brief resistance sets targeting specific muscle groups using a moderate load.

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Each set offers a short burst of exercise for the designated muscle groups, followed by a set designed for other groups.

If you are the type of person who likes a variety of exercises then this will be perfect for you. It tones your muscles and gives you a fantastic cardio workout at the same time.

So, does circuit training work? Cooper Clinic researched in 1982, in which the researchers considered the effects of the training circuit workout three times a week.

They divide their 77 participants into three groups. One of the groups did nothing, only the second group did resistance training, and a third group ran between circuits.

Not surprisingly, the group settled achieved no results. Weight groups trained to improve their strength by 17% and their cardio fitness by 12%.

Circuit trained group jogged between stations improved their cardio fitness by 17% and their power by 22%. The results proved that circuit training can effectively improve both strength and endurance.

Circuit Workouts All you need to know
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