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Some people find it easy when it comes to packing for their travel while others find it really difficult. Experienced travelers know the kind of items that is required to be brought along with them for their travel which makes it easier and comfortable during the entire experience especially when it comes to staying in a hostel. Now, if this is your first time traveling and decided to stay in a hostel, carry these items as mentioned below.

  1.  Padlock – Majority of the hostels do provide lockers to travelers to keep their items safe. However, you shouldn’t take any risk. Therefore, it is imperative you bring a padlock along with you. Try to get 2 of different sizes where one can be used to lock the zipper of your bag and another to lock the locker.
  2. Towel – Instead of bringing your personal towel that is massive in size, try to bring a smaller one. Make sure to bring a small towel that also dries fast. Understand the fact that large-sized towels take a lot of space of your luggage. On the other hand, hostels too offer a clean pair of towels to travelers.
  3. Toiletries – A travel size shampoo bottle, deodorant, hair, and facial products must be included in your luggage.
  4. Earplugs and Facemasks – Staying in a hostel can become noisy for a few as many travelers keep checking in and out. If you want peace and silence especially while sleeping, try getting earplugs and facemasks that will help you to sleep like a baby.

Don’t forget to bring these items to Ao Nang hostel.

Bring these Items While Staying in a Hostel
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