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Manure is a type of natural fertilizer that are used for growing organic foods. Organic foods contain antioxidants and additional compounds in large amount allowing us to eat healthy and stay healthy. Farmers are using this technique not just for the benefit for the health but also getting more preference from the government due to less taxes. You should be focusing on organic foods for these benefits.

  1. Pesticides Used are of Small Amounts –In the field of agriculture, chemicals such as herbicides, insecticides and fungicides are used to grow food. Organic farming technique does use these compounds however, the residues found on the food are in very little amount.
  2. Stays Fresher and Lasts Longer – Organic farming are known to not contain any form of preservatives. This allows the organic foods to stay fresher and last longer in the long run.
  3. Animals Stay Healthier due to Raised Organically –Animals grown by this technique are allowed to roam freely. More-over, antibiotics or hormones are given to the animals allowing them to grow naturally and stay healthy.
  4. No GMO’s – GMO is an in-vitro technique used to change the DNA structure of the plants. The DNA structure is changed to allow the plant to produce insecticide on their own. Therefore, the foods produced by this technique do not contain any amount of GMO’s.
  5. Friend to the Environment – Organic farming technique helps the soil to maintain its fertility, conserve more water, reduce pollution, etc., making it easier on the environment.

These are a few benefits of organic foods. There are many stores that sell organic foods in Brisbane and other parts of Australia.

Benefits of Organic Foods