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Traveling the world is one of the best things to experience. You get to learn some important cultures and traditions, get to get delicious meal, get to meet new people, get to do activities etc. However, before stepping into a new destination, it is crucial for every traveler to know a few basic things about it. Now Australia is a popular country known to attract tons of tourists. However, you need to know a few things about the country before traveling.

  1. Australia is Massive – The meaning of massive is what you will come to know after visiting Australia. For instance; it takes around 50hours to travel from Sydney to Cairns by a bus. Therefore, if you are going to travel from one city to another, you need to keep yourself entertained with movies or songs on your phone, tablet or laptop.
  2. Never Ignore the Weather – During summer, Australia’s weather is clear however, that doesn’t mean you need to ignore the weather completely. For instance; rainfall is experienced during November to April in a few Northern parts of Australia. Moreover, city such as Melbourne witnesses 4 seasons in a single day during these months.
  3. Learn a Few Dialect – Australians use a few different dialects which you need to learn. For instance; biscuit is called as biccy. Pint is referred to a beer glass in places such as Victoria and QLD. While schooner is a popular term in other parts of Australia for the same glass of beer.

There are a few awesome secluded honeymoon destinations in Australia for couples.

Basic Things to Keep in Mind before Traveling to Australia