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If you have been finding it difficult to conceive then there is almost certainly a fertility problem either in you or your partner. Failed pregnancy attempt for almost a year show that one partner is infertile. It is generally found that 30% of the problems associated with the conception of male and 30% female and the rest are unknown parameters and can be attributed to both partners.

In this article let us find out the actual cause of infertility in men and some of the ways in which you can treat this health problem. You can find male infertility treatment via

What you need to know about IVF treatment

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Causes of Infertility In Men

There are several reasons that may act as barriers to successful conception, most of these factors can be treated but there are some who have no treatment options available and you will have to live with it.

Sperm size

The size of the sperm also plays an important role in determining the level of a man's fertility. For increased chances of fertilization with the egg at least 60% sperms should be of normal structure and size. So if you suffer from infertility problems do not lose hope, just follow the proper form of treatment and you will definitely succeed to be a proud father.

All About Male Infertility Treatments And Causes